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short body treatise on lightness

It is in the geography of a child's play that this small bodily reflection on lightness opens up. His roe deer body questions and investigates the nature of things with poetic simplicity. It is then in the grace of the encounter with the large body of a dancer with which the poetry of gesture, movement and the delicate exploration of the fragility of the human are intertwined, that the spectator can intuit, as Calvino argued, that the vivacity and mobility of intelligence escape the condemnation of weight.

Project: Francesca Cola 

Choreography: Francesca Cola, Tommaso Serratore 

Performer: Tommaso Borin, Tommaso Serratore 

Light design: Eleonora Diana
Ph: Giulia Martinelli
Production: La Piattaforma - Nuovi corpi, nuovi sguardi |  Zerogrammi, Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo, Primary School C.Nigra, Comune di Colleretto Castelnuovo, Spazio Baobab
Winner project of the call Permutazioni 2015/2016 and Artist in Residence 2016


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