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A work on the power of vision, on desire, and on the creative energy that can unite two distant generations. A 5 year old child. A man of 100. A puppy and an ancestor of the latter. They had never met before. Because of his personal experience, the child's game revolves around the theme of protection-defense. So on a summer afternoon he expresses a desire to the artist: to have a blue cape like the sea, to run and feel protected. Since she was a girl, the artist has known an elderly tailor. Man has always lived in the countryside, and saw the sea for the first time, only in 1961, at the age of fifty. The power of the artist's vision unites two human "visions" so apparently distant in places and times. Using ancient patterns from the 1920s, as metaphorical navigation maps, the elderly tailor creates the magical cape for the child. The energy of the man's body is transmitted through an old Singer sewing machine. It concretizes the vision and produces the object that becomes a true symbol full of meanings. A kind of spark that allows the centennial, without heirs, to create once again. Something like a succession that magically protects the child and allows him to explore the world. A kind of passing of the baton that unites two generations, crossing them. The vision, its power, the energy of the body absorbed in the creation that becomes a game.

Project and direction: Francesca Cola 
With: Adolfo Marchello e Francesco Giacomelli
sound: Daniele Mana
Ph: Federico Torres
Video editing: Tommaso caroni, Luca Vigliani
Production: Acting Out


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