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I questioned my body looking for the translation of the motion of desire and make it a living sign. In the De Bello Gallico of the 4th decade BC, Caesar speaks of the Desiderantes. The Desiderantes were the soldiers of the Roman Empire who waited under the sky full of stars for their comrades returning from battle. Hence the meaning of the verb "to desire" (from the Latin: SIDUS, sideris = star, therefore "to look towards the stars). I therefore transformed the viewer into a "desire" by involving him, through the stimulation of his visual-auditory, and therefore emotional perception in a state of expectation that resulted in the expression of a single desire in a starry night.

Conceptand performance: Francesca Cola Sound: Davide Tomat, Gabriele Ottino

Costume: BATNA

Production: Inteatro Polverigi 2008, Officine Caos, Superbudda

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