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“Landscapes Tales” are compositions for a large and changing group of people (dancers, actors or ordinary citizens) and a sound generator system distributed in space. It is a research work ranging from a radical choreographic study on gesture and movement, the investigation of the body immersed in the landscape (urban and non-urban), non-narrative dramaturgical research and the spatialization of sound. The work responds to the urgency of addressing the issue of the relationship between bodies in space and between bodies with space, bodies understood as possible systems that generate meaning and the language used to find possibilities for communication within the relationship itself. The need to deepen the study of the relationship between semiotics, aesthetics, sensoriality and the body in the space that is not conventionally theatrical but still (and perhaps even more) a place of vision. This project stems from the urgency to explore the national territory full of contradictory beauty. From the most desolate and abandoned landscapes to redeveloped sites, from historic centers to suburbs, from natural landscapes to urban sites of historical interest, the project is also developed with the aim of living in and paying homage to real "natural theaters "Italians.

Project: Francesca Cola 
sound live:  Davide Tomat - Superbudda
Ph.: Enrico De Santis
produzione: Superbudda, Piattaforma Teatro Coreografico

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